Elements Of Driving Test

If you are looking to take your Singapore driving test then perhaps you need to know what are the elements making up the test and what you can safely expect during your practical driving exam.

1) Parallel parking – you will be assessed on this parking, where you are given less than a total of 2 to 3 minutes to park your car within the dedicated lot for your test. If you fail to do so within the limit or you hit any of the kerbs during the parking maneuver, you will not pass the driving test. This is one of the places where most people think is very hard, but is very easy (oddly, it sounds like it would be the most difficult place but most people pass this place)

2) Vertical parking – similar to parallel parking, however, there are students who fail here. This is especially the case for students when they exit from the lot. The kerb in front is relatively near and many students accidentally mount the kerb when exiting. This seemingly simple test circuit element is usually a killer (surprisingly).

3) 3 Point turn – this is one of the easiest driving circuit stations to pass as it is highly similar to vertical parking lot area (at least this is the case for Ubi CDC’s driving circuit)

4) E-brake (otherwise known as emergency braking) – the Singapore driving tester will randomly hit the dashboard with his hand and you are required to brake instantly. This is to simulate a real scenario in which you’re required to brake immediately, and if you react too slowly, you would not pass your driving test. You need to brake FAST and HARD. Basically, you should come to an immediate stop. Just imagine there is a child running onto the road RIGHT in front of your car when he smashes the car dashboard so that you will feel the urgency to emergency brake the car. Also, this driving tst element will be tested at any point in time within the driving circuit only.

5) Curvy roads – this is to test your turning and judgement of the road and kerbs. Usually simple to pass, but you need to be careful and not be arrogant when driving about this test element.

6) Driving on main roads. – this is usually the easiest part for students who learnt from private driving instructors as these private students usually drive much more frequently on open roads versus within the school circuits.