Learning To Drive

Just passed your basic theory test and can’t wait to get on the roads to take your driving lessons Singapore?

Hold on! Make sure to read the following post before you get onto the streets.

1) Although you may love exotic cars, and may have watched many racing videos, please do not race like they do. You are learning to drive. There is a difference between racing games and reality. If you crash, you die in real life. Drive safely.

2) Perhaps you have the cash for an exotic car, but when you’re learning to drive, you’re using the instructor’s car. It is a normal sedan. Please do not try to rev it or do something weird because you may spoil it.

Next of all, let’s move on to the basic steps you need to take when learning to drive in Singapore.

a) You need to apply for a Singapore provisional driving license which is basically a temporary license that lasts for 6 months and will allow you to take driving lessons and navigate around the roads of Singapore in a certified private driving instructor’s car.

b) You need to apply for the driving test and pass within 6 months of applying for your Singapore PDL or you would need to extend the PDL by paying $25 (it’s not a lot but why waste that money if not necessary). This is also the reason why some people recommend going for the final theory test as well first before taking practical driving lessons in Singapore (because you need to have passed your final theory test before applying for your practical test). If you pass on the first try it’s ok. But if you’re worried you will not pass, then either study harder for the theory test or pass it first before going for your Singapore driving lessons.