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Getting a driving license in Singapore

Getting a driving license in Singapore is tedious. You will have to take and pass 2 theory tests and a practical test. What’s more, the booking for each of the tests will require a wait of approximately 2 months each. That totals to about 6 months, provided that you pass all the tests on your first tries. Make sure you get a good private driving instructor from http://sglearntodrive.com/

But all these long and somewhat tedious processes and steps have a great advantage when you finally own a driving license Singapore.

A driving license Singapore is recognized worldwide. You can easily apply for an international license before you depart on an overseas trip and that international license will allow you to rent and drive any cars in other countries. You can also convert instantly into another country’s license, which makes driving a pleasure as you do not need to go through many hassles.

This is also the reason why many expatriates to Singapore send their children to learn driving in Singapore too as their licenses can be easily converted when they return home.

There are basically 2 ways in which you can take practical driving lessons in SIngapore. The first of which would be learning from private driving instructors, which are freelance and certified driving instructors who will teach you using their own car. The second type of instructor in Singapore will be the school instructors – there are 3 driving test schools in Singapore – Ubi CDC, Woodlands SSDC, Bukit Batok BBDC.

Schools are more expensive but you usually get to take your driving exam earlier. Private tutors are much more reasonably priced but you need to wait for a longer time for your test date as priority is given to school students.

Get your driving license now to drive both locally and internationally.