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Where To Learn Driving In Singapore?

Now that you want to drive exotic cars, you need to first get your driving license – then you need to first find a great private driving instructor so that you can quickly pass your practical exam on the first try.

There are 2 types of instructors – one from schools located at Ubi, Bukit Batok and Woodlands. These are school teachers and they may be rotated around actually so you get a different instructor each time although you get very structured lessons.

The second type of instructor is the private driving instructor. Here’s why this is generally more popular among students who are looking for a customized learning experience. Because you get to stick with only one instructor and he/she will be able to know you learning curve.

One of the best places to pass your exams is at Bukit Batok simply because the traffic there is very little and thus looking for a private driving instructor at Bukit Batok is  the best idea if you want to quickly get your driver’s license and drive your Lamborghini or Ferrari.

Parking In Living Room

Can’t bear the thought of not seeing your Lamborghini or Ferrari?

No problem. Now you can see them daily :p in your living room.

Look at the amazing apartment building in the video below… the apartments are located in Singapore central area. It is so cool that you can simply drive your car into a lift and have it transported up to your house area! Whether that is useful is up for debate but no one is questioning the coolness of having such a lifestyle perk 😉

Just make sure you are able to park it properly in the lift… Otherwise you better take more driving lessons or you would probably risk wasting a LOT of time getting it into the lift properly. You want to learn driving properly so that you don’t scratch your precious sports car – especially when cars are not cheap in Singapore. Hurray and enjoy the following video.

*Ps always make sure to drive safely. Take driving lessons from http://sglearntodrive.com