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Transportation in Singapore

Transportation in Singapore is very developed – high speed trains, buses, cabs, and private tranportation (cars). Despite the high quality and convenience of the public transports, it is getting too crowded as Singapore’s population keeps growing. Thus, many people in Singapore wants to own a car, so as to travel around easily. As cars in Singapore are limited by the government through the introduction of the Certificate of Entitlements (COE) scheme, it is expensive to own a car in Singapore. This is reasonable as not everyone should get a car because if that happens, Singapore’s roads will get too congested and no vhicles will be able to move freely.

However, if you can afford a car, which typically cost about 3 times more expensive than a similar car in the United States, then it’s an entirely different issue altogether. Then you should definitely go for the Singapore driving license. ūüėČ Pay for the value of convenience. Another additional benefit of Singapore’s driving test is that the license you get here is an international one, and will allow you to drive in virtually any major country and city (e.g. Europe, Australia, China, United States). Even for left hand drive countries, all you have to do is to present your¬†identification proof (I/C or passport for foreigners is good to go!) with your Singapore’s driving licence and it will be converted immediately to a local one and you can drive.

Advantages of getting a private driving instructor in Singapore

Many Singaporeans will think and consider between engaging a private driving instructor or a school driving instructor. I will go for a private driving instructor singapore. Here’s why:

1. 1 car throughout the training. Training in a car throughout the entire training will let you be familiar with the car. Every car model is different. The sensitivity of the accelerators, brakes, and the steerling wheels are different. It is better to get used to a car and use the same car for your Traffic Police test to get higher chance of passing your Traffic Police test.

2. Cheaper. With private driving instructors’ rates half the price of the school driving instructors’ rates, what’s there about to think more?

3. Same instructor throughout the training. Every instructors teach differently and may even expect different things from you. When you engage a private driving instructor, he will be the only one who teach you, unlike in school driving centers where they allocate different instructors to you on different training lessons.

With so many advantages to getting a private driving instructor, what are the disadvantages (if any)? There are some:

a) Your earliest booked exam timeslots will usually be slower than school students as priority is given to them.

b) How fast you pass your driving examination is dependent on how good your private driving instructor is. This is because each private instructor has their own way of teaching and some are better while others are less competent Рbut for school instructors, they are more or less similar.

So what’s my final verdict on the type of Singapore driving instructor you should¬†take lessons from?

РIf you have a friend who have passed his or her test in one attempt, then ask him or her for the private driving instructor. Or you could simply look online for match up agencies in  Singapore who will get you private driving lessons.

I still prefer private driving tutors in Singapore like I mentioned above.

Getting a driving license in Singapore

Getting a driving license in Singapore is tedious. You will have to take and pass 2 theory tests and a practical test. What’s more, the booking for each of the tests will require a wait of approximately 2 months each. That totals to about 6 months, provided that you pass all the tests on your first tries. Make sure you get a good private driving instructor from¬†http://sglearntodrive.com/

But all these long and somewhat tedious processes and steps have a great advantage when you finally own a driving license Singapore.

A driving license Singapore is recognized worldwide. You can easily apply for an international license before you depart on an overseas trip and that international license will allow you to rent and drive any cars in other countries. You can also convert instantly into another country’s license, which makes driving a pleasure as you do not need to go through many hassles.

This is also the reason why many expatriates to Singapore send their children to learn driving in Singapore too as their licenses can be easily converted when they return home.

There are basically 2 ways in which you can take practical driving lessons in SIngapore. The first of which would be learning from private driving instructors, which are freelance and certified driving instructors who will teach you using their own car. The second type of instructor in Singapore will be the school instructors Рthere are 3 driving test schools in Singapore РUbi CDC, Woodlands SSDC, Bukit Batok BBDC.

Schools are more expensive but you usually get to take your driving exam earlier. Private tutors are much more reasonably priced but you need to wait for a longer time for your test date as priority is given to school students.

Get your driving license now to drive both locally and internationally.