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Advantages of getting a private driving instructor in Singapore

Many Singaporeans will think and consider between engaging a private driving instructor or a school driving instructor. I will go for a private driving instructor singapore. Here’s why:

1. 1 car throughout the training. Training in a car throughout the entire training will let you be familiar with the car. Every car model is different. The sensitivity of the accelerators, brakes, and the steerling wheels are different. It is better to get used to a car and use the same car for your Traffic Police test to get higher chance of passing your Traffic Police test.

2. Cheaper. With private driving instructors’ rates half the price of the school driving instructors’ rates, what’s there about to think more?

3. Same instructor throughout the training. Every instructors teach differently and may even expect different things from you. When you engage a private driving instructor, he will be the only one who teach you, unlike in school driving centers where they allocate different instructors to you on different training lessons.

With so many advantages to getting a private driving instructor, what are the disadvantages (if any)? There are some:

a) Your earliest booked exam timeslots will usually be slower than school students as priority is given to them.

b) How fast you pass your driving examination is dependent on how good your private driving instructor is. This is because each private instructor has their own way of teaching and some are better while others are less competent – but for school instructors, they are more or less similar.

So what’s my final verdict on the type of Singapore driving instructor you should take lessons from?

– If you have a friend who have passed his or her test in one attempt, then ask him or her for the private driving instructor. Or you could simply look online for match up agencies in  Singapore who will get you private driving lessons.

I still prefer private driving tutors in Singapore like I mentioned above.

School or private driving instructors

In Singapore, learner drivers can choose between engaging a school driving instructor or a private driving instructor. A school driving instructor will come from any of the 3 schools namely Ubi ComfortDelgro Driving Centre, Safety Singapore Driving Centre, and Bukit Batok Driving Centre. A private driving instructor, on the other hand is not attached to any schools and is on a freelance basis. They can be engaged independently outside of schools.

Private driving instructors are limited in Singapore – their supply is limited as Singapore Traffic Police does not issue private driving coaching license since many years ago. The school driving instructors will remain in the long run.

The following are some of the main differences between school and private driving instructors.


  1. They are rigid in their teaching curriculum as they do not customize their teachings to their students learning speed.
  2. They allow you to book for earlier exam dates than private driving students.
  3. You are given priority for circuit bookings and practice sessions.


  • You get more driving experience on the real roads.
  • Your learning will be customized as your private instructor will dedicate the teaching curriculum to your learning speed accordingly.

In a nutshell, both school and private driving instructors are good in their own rights, and have their own disadvantages as well. Personally, I would recommend you go for the private route because it is much more affordable and it is also easy to pass when you get a good instructor. (just ask people for referrals or look online for driving lessons and a matching agency will get you matched up!)