Transportation in Singapore

Transportation in Singapore is very developed – high speed trains, buses, cabs, and private tranportation (cars). Despite the high quality and convenience of the public transports, it is getting too crowded as Singapore’s population keeps growing. Thus, many people in Singapore wants to own a car, so as to travel around easily. As cars in Singapore are limited by the government through the introduction of the Certificate of Entitlements (COE) scheme, it is expensive to own a car in Singapore. This is reasonable as not everyone should get a car because if that happens, Singapore’s roads will get too congested and no vhicles will be able to move freely.

However, if you can afford a car, which typically cost about 3 times more expensive than a similar car in the United States, then it’s an entirely different issue altogether. Then you should definitely go for the Singapore driving license. 😉 Pay for the value of convenience. Another additional benefit of Singapore’s driving test is that the license you get here is an international one, and will allow you to drive in virtually any major country and city (e.g. Europe, Australia, China, United States). Even for left hand drive countries, all you have to do is to present your identification proof (I/C or passport for foreigners is good to go!) with your Singapore’s driving licence and it will be converted immediately to a local one and you can drive.