What To Expect For Your Driving Lessons In Singapore?

If you take driving lessons Singapore, you may want to note some of the following points simply because you don’t want to be caught unaware when you go for your lessons with either your school or private driving instructor.

1) Your instructor will teach you the various mechanisms in the car such as the signal, honk, turning on of wipers, e.t.c.

2) He will then usually teach you the steering of the wheel (this is straightforward)

3) Let you familiarize with the amount of pressure you need to apply on the accelerator pedal and brake pedal.

4) Once you are familiar with all that, you will learn much more interesting things such as U-turn, turning, three point turn, parking e.t.c.

5) After that, he will concentrate on having you drive around the usual test routes (this is the case for those students in Singapore who are learning from private driving instructors). For school students, you will be taught mainly in the circuit, where only the last few lessons before your examinations will you be given real road experience.

6) Vice versa, the private students will usually get fewer driving school circuit lessons and usually that comes in nearing the last part of the curriculum. If you are familiar with driving on outside roads however, you should do perfectly in the circuit. The only main thing you need to note is the clutch (for manual students) – because speeds are much lower within the circuits due to high traffic volume of learner cars. Auto transmission car learners with private driving instructors should find it super easy to pass.

So that’s all, then you will be going for the driving test which your instructor should have applied on your behalf (if you learn from private driving instructors) or you have applied (if you are a school learner).

Good luck for your test and may you quickly get your Singapore driving licence on your first try!